Nabco Radio Reports

Nabco Radio Reports

North American Broadcasting wants you to be informed about your media buying decisions. We have provided a extensive list of articles pertaining to radio for you to read about our industry. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you may have about radio or our stations.

While marketers continually seek to target consumers by demographics and geography, it is the target audiences’ intent to purchase that can seal the success of a campaign.

Radio’s staggering penetration of 93% helps to give it the ability to reach consumers who are in the market to buy.

The Katz/Arbitron/RAB presentation “Radio: On Air, Online and On Target,” showed that radio captures more than 35% of the total time consumers spend with media during prime shopping hours, which is more than any other medium.

That includes reaching them outside their homes, which is where 70% of radio listening takes place on weekdays.




Radio Listening Is Strong


Arbitron data show that while today’s listeners may have more entertainment options available, radio remains a presence and a strong one at that.

A national look at the American radio listener with Arbitron RADAR data reveals that:

  • Radio remains strong with 241.3 million listeners tuning in weekly.
  • Radio consistently reaches 92% to 96% of virtually every demographic group.
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