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Radio Strong: Arbitron December 2012 RADAR 115 National Radio Listening Report.

The report shows radio’s audience holding steady year over year, reaching more than

241 million listeners, or more than…

92% of the U.S. population on an average weekly basis.


  • Adults 18 to 34 shows the largest gains among the major age demographics, adding more than 600,000 weekly listeners. Radio reached 67 million adults aged 18-34 in an average week.
  • Radio reaches nearly 126 million adults aged 18 to 49 and more than 119 million adults aged 25 to 54 in an average week.

The December 2012 RADAR report illustrates radio’s ability to attract affluent, educated consumers.
  • More than 95% of adults aged 25 to 54 with a household income of $75K or more and a college degree tune in to radio on a weekly basis, that’s nearly 26 million listeners in this demographic.


  • Also, nearly 70 million, or 94%, of Adults aged 18 to 49 with a household income of $75K or more tune into radio on a weekly basis.