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Saturday, 19 January 2013 21:16

Adult Hits + 80s Hits

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• Nearly 25 million weekly 12+ listeners
• 268 rated AM, FM, HD Radio, and streamed
• Gained share for the second straight report
in PPM markets
Adult Hits + '80s Hits stations are known for their
musical variety and emphasis on pop/rock hits
from the mid-'70s to mid-'90s. Many of these
stations use the "JACK-FM" or "BOB-FM" brand.
The formats continue to perform better in PPM
markets than elsewhere.

The Adult Hits + '80s Hits audience is centered in the 35-54 age group, but the proportion of 45 and older listeners is on the increase.

Solid in the Great Lakes region, Adult Hits + '80s Hits delivered more than twice its national share in Arizona and Colorado. Its audience share was above the index of 100 in 19 additional states.

Adult Hits + '80s Hits listeners are avid video gamers. Almost half of them own a video game system, and they also enjoy playing video games online and playing fantasy sports.

These listeners also enjoy other consumer electronics such as Blu-ray players, smartphones, and MP3 players. A lot of what they own or use was purchased online. Some big product categories include men's business clothing, sports equipment, and athletic wear.

They consume caffeinated soft drinks and pretty much every type of beer, including microbrews. They dine out frequently at fast food and sit-down restaurants. Adult Hits + '80s Hits listeners also are improving their homes and planning to buy furniture and appliances for their homes.



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