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Saturday, 19 January 2013 09:36

Active Rock

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Active Rock listeners are likely to hear a mix of contemporary and classic artists, such as Metallica, Shinedown, Chevelle, and Five Finger Death Punch. Active Rock boasts a higher proportion of male listeners than any other format in this study, next to All Sports.



Active Rock has shifted over the years from targeting adults 18-44 to those 25-54. In fact, its high audience concentration of adults 25-54 (69%) was second highest of all formats studied. It also has risen to No. 2 in the proportion of its audience aged 25-34 and 35-44.


Particularly strong in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain regions, Active Rock earned more than twice its national share in Alaska, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, and Washington. Its audience share was above the index of 100 in 21 additional states, three more than in Fall 2011.


Active Rock listeners are mostly male and rise above the average of all radio listeners when working on home improvements. You won't find them in department stores as much, but they do patronize Target, Old Navy, and yes, Victoria's Secret in bigger-than-average numbers.

They are loyal patrons of Mexican and Chinese restaurants, steakhouses, and quick-service dining. They also love to drink microbrews/beers, energy drinks, and highly caffeinated beverages. 

As consumers, Active Rock listeners buy sports equipment, men's clothing (business, casual, athletic, and shoes), and own video game systems, MP3 players, smartphones, and other electronic gadgets. Their Internet usage rises way above the national average of all radio users.







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